This week the Big Issue is guest edited by Tony Cook, founder of ABCtales, which is one of my favourite websites. I first joined in 2004, I had just starting taking writing seriously, and the site was perfect for me. Over the years it has been a place to upload pieces of writing, to get feedback, and read the work of other ABCtalers. It’s a real community, and I’d recommend it to any new writer. This week’s Big Issue features poems by ABCtales regulars, as well as articles by Joe Dunthorne and Tim Clare, who introduced me to the site in the first place.

Tony Cook reads every piece that is submitted, and without him the site wouldn’t exist. I’d be gutted if I logged in one day and it wasn’t there any more. It’s been a really useful way to learn how to edit, rewrite, produce new work.

There is a bi monthly ABCtales online magazine, and I’m the guest editor of the September / October issue, which you can download here.