If you want to buy a copy of Don’t Need the Sunshine directly from me they’re £6 each. Send an email to johninbrigg@yahoo.co.uk and I’ll send one in the post.

I’ve also got a new poetry book. It’s called No-one cares about your new thing, published by Go Faster Stripe. That’s a fiver or you can have both for £10. Postage is £1 per book.



‘John Osborne is a lovely, engaging writer finding the joyous in the everyday and as charming and unpredictable as the British seaside itself.’ – STUART MACONIE.

‘Funny, perceptive and charming’ – Gillian Reynolds in The Daily Telegraph on Radio Head.
‘Very funny and made me go out and buy a new radio.’ – Tim Key.
‘Captivating’ – The Guardian.

I’ve written three non-fiction books. My first, Radio Head (Simon&Schuster) was broadcast as Radio 4’s Book of the Week in 2009 (read by Lee Ingelby). Every chapter is a different radio station and I wanted to find out what is the future of British radio.

My second book The Newsagent’s Window won an East Anglian Book of the Year award in 2010 and is about the cards you see in the windows at newsagents. I decided to answer as many adverts as I could to meet the people who still use newsagents windows.

Most recently I wrote Don’t Need the Sunshine, a book about SEASIDES. I tried to discover the stories of the seaside> I spent time with a retired lighthouse keeper, I went to a Punch and Judy convention and met the owner of a saucy postcard museum on the Isle of Wight. It was published by AA Publishing and you can buy a copy here. There’s a nice review of it here and it was written about here too.


Hopefully there’ll be another book along before too long.

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