John Peel’s Shed

“If you ever need to explain radio’s sustained popularity to someone, suggest they listen to John Peel’s Shed” – Elisabeth Mahoney, The Guardian.

In 2002, John Osborne won a competition on John Peel’s Radio 1 show. His prize was a box of records that took eight years to listen to. This is an ode to radio, those records and anyone who’s ever sought solace in wireless. This show features a selection of records previously owned by the late John Peel. Many are very rare recordings by obscure and now defunct bands, and this is a unique opportunity for any Peel fans. A version of the show was recorded at the BBC Radio Theatre and broadcast on Radio 4 in December 2011, and chosen as Pick of the Day in The Radio Times.

John Peel’s Shed is partly inspired by John Osborne’s acclaimed debut book Radio Head: Up And Down The Dial Of British Radio – Radio 4′s Book Of The Week – which tells the story of what happened when John decided to listen to a different radio station every day. His journey took him from data entry at Anglia Windows, via interviewing radio greats such as Nicholas Parsons, Tommy Boyd, Stuart Maconie and Mark Radcliffe; to presenting his own local radio show.

The show was first performed at Upstairs At Three & Ten in Brighton in October 2010. The finished piece premiered at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe in August 2011. It enjoyed an entire sell-out run (including two sold out extra shows) and received numerous 5 and 4 star reviews from national publications.

John Peel’s Shed by John Osborne is written and performed by John Osborne. Produced and co-devised by Show And Tell.

“Shy and awkward but with a keen eye for a killer line and the significance of the trivia of daily life, Osborne sits somewhere between Tom Wrigglesworth and Daniel Kitson, which a very good place to sit. I could have listened for hours” – ★★★★★ The Independent

“A complete pleasure. All radio nerds need to see it but non nerds will also love it.”       Greg James, Radio 1. 

“Beautifully-written, funny and poignant… Just as John Peel’s records changed his life this lovely, simple, beautifully executed show has enriched ours” –★★★★★ The Scotsman.

“A wonderful show and a great way to remember John Peel. I bloody loved it” – Josie Long.

“It’ll nourish your soul.” – Geoff Lloyd.

“One of the Top Ten Theatre Highlights of the Edinburgh Festival… Funny, perceptive and charming” – ★★★★ The Telegraph

“One of the loveliest things you’ll see all year” – ★★★★ The Herald

“Genius… A comic highlight” – The Guardian

“The book is ace, the one man show is special” – Huw Stephens, Radio 1.

“I heartily recommend John Peel’s Shed. It is a gentle tale of one man’s passion for obscure music and the radio which has been compared to the work of Daniel Kitson” – Bruce Dessau, Evening Standard.

“John Osborne captures the intimacy of the medium, the startling human connections and priceless stories. Its an uplifting if occasionally twee story that makes a classic, nostalgic fringe piece” – Total Theatre.

More information about John Peel’s Shed head over to its main site.